PEPPS Legacy


The Preparatory School and College strives to prepare your child to thrive in today’s global economy. By developing a framework for 21st century learning and skills, which includes inventive thinking, effective communication and high productivity, both are setting the tone for the future of today’s and tomorrow’s potential leaders.
At Pepps we strive to create a multicultural and diverse environment in which learners are able to evolve whilst respecting their fellow school members and their cultures. By creating this kind of environment learners are able to function easily within the multicultural global economy.
We believe in creating well-rounded and respectable individuals who will find ease in upholding self-discipline and contribute to making sound ethical decisions when faced with complex decisions or within diverse environments.
Leadership is about vision and responsibility not power. Learners are molded into well-rounded individuals who are able to exhibit their strengths and skills which they acquire through their Pepps journey and use this as a weapon to inspire others whilst being inventive in various aspects of their lives.
Pepps is proud be an Eco-School, we strive to teach our learners how to recycle and make use of sustainable resources to preserve our environment. Throughout the year learners take part in various awareness events in support of the community.

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