The synergy of educational excellence and positive transformation is at the heart of our mission. Tailored for students from stage 4 (4-years of age) to grade 10, our campus offers a lively and dynamic environment dedicated to providing a holistic and personalized education.

We prioritize the cultivation of a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond academics. Our campus radiates a vibrant aesthetic, harmonizing with our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Join us in creating an educational space that fosters excellence, builds character, and sparks curiosity. PEPPS Mokopane proudly holds Silver Eco Status, a testament to our unwavering dedication to sustainability. Embrace positive change and embark on a journey of educational excellence by becoming a part of the PEPPS family.

GradeTotal Annual FeePaid on the 1st of the month over 11 months (Jan-Nov)1 Payment. Paid by 31 January. (8% discount already deducted)
Stage 4 – 5 (ECD)22 5502 05020 746
Grade R (5 turning 6)26 4002 40024 288
Grade 1-3
35 750
3 25032 890
Grade 4-738 5003 50035 420
Grade 8-10 (College)45 1004 10041 492

Included in the fees:
ECD and Foundation Phase: Stationery, textbooks, workbooks, exercise books and outings.
Grade 4 – 12: Grade tours, IEB fees (including Matric), textbooks, workbooks, exercise books, outings, transport to and from extra-curricular fixtures.

Fees must be paid by means of a stop order or EFT into our bank account. Fees are payable in advance by the 7th of each month i.e. January fees are payable by the 7th of January.
Please use your child’s account number as it appears on your statement as a reference on all payments. Proof of payment needs to be emailed to Unfortunately, due to safety consideration on our campus, we no longer accept cash deposits onsite. Cash payments will need to be made at the bank.
A strict debt collecting procedure will be applied to all overdue accounts in order to ensure that all families contribute fairly to the excellent education provided at PEPPS.

Application fee (once-off & non-refundable)R 400
Enrolment fee (once-off & non-refundable)R 2 000
Ad-hoc charges – You will be asked to sign a tear-off slip in advance in order to accept these additional charges which may come up from time to time during the year. We do try to keep these to a minimum.Variable

Bank: Standard Bank Polokwane
Account Name: PEPPS Mokopane
Account Type: Current Account
Account Number: 030123577
Branch Code: 051001

Application Policy

ECD Information Booklet

Foundation Phase Booklet

Preparatory Policies, Practices and Procedures

Tours and Excursions

Staff Representative, Parent Forum Member and Parliament Member Guidelines

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