Pepps Schools

“‘Project for the Establishment of Primary and Pre-Primary Schools”

Success through endeavour – these words are held dear to the Pepps journey and still to this day serve as our school motto. Pepps schools have not only persevered through the struggles of the previous political regime and its academic constraints; but have shown tremendous strength and growth within the academic front of the schools throughout the years.

The schools provide a charismatic culture where diversity is a key ingredient in creating the ideal learning environment. The building bricks are the learners, each one perfectly in line with the one next to it, built line for line in perfect relation to the plan laid down for them. They are held together by teachers , the mortar in between.

With care the master builder prepares the cement before laying down the bricks. Each child is unique and this quality is what we love to mold into a well-rounded individual who is able to exhibit and build on this uniqueness to inspire and motivate others within society.

Pepps learners are not considered just another number, each child is given the utmost attention and care from preparatory through to college. We strongly believe in creating independent conscious individuals who will eventually go out into the global world where they should find ease in functioning and being apart of.