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Message from the headmistress of PEPPS preparatory School

Message from head

The aspirational product of PEPPS (Project for the Establishment of Primary and Pre-Primary Schools) is to ensure that each learner assumes individual responsibility towards creating a brighter tomorrow.

The environment in which education takes place is crucial. Education which has value exists in an environment where paradox can flourish: where there can be freedom within boundaries; where risk can exist in a safe environment; where an individual voice is heard amongst the group; where one is empowered but still a servant; where failure is as important as success; where one plans for the future, but lives as if there is no tomorrow and where our differences are as important as our similarities.

At PEPPS both the teacher and the learner bring humility and respect into the classroom in order that the identities of both can co-exist and that both can learn. The diverse demographic profile of the school enables children not only to discover their common humanity, but also that the discovery of our differences is enlarging, not diminishing of our humanity.  PEPPS develops the ethic of human solidarity through service, lays the foundations for responsible citizenship and equips all learners with leadership skills.


Intellectual skills are balanced with emotional, physical and spiritual development creating a powerful combination that leads to a broad outlook and positive self-awareness in our learners. In addition, we furnish each child with the vital 21st Century skills of Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Cross-Cultural Competency and Character. In addition to the formal curriculum our curriculum in Life Orientation focuses on Leadership Development and Thinking Skills.

A PEPPS Education inspires children to life-long learning and a yearning to continue to grow and discover. PEPPS learners are willing to stand up and take initiative and accept their responsibility towards creating a brighter tomorrow.

Creating Tomorrows leaders


This year we have launched our new slogan:
“Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders”

This slogan was inspired by the success of our alumni who go forward to all parts of the world equipped with the skills to lead in a variety of fields. PEPPS is proud of the diversity of our learners and places great emphasis on the value of all aspects of diversity. Attending a school where there is diversity of gender, race, religion, culture and experience is vital to the success of the 21st century learner who must be equipped with the skills to excel in a global market. Our school vision: “Ensuring that each learner assumes individual responsibility towards creating a brighter tomorrow” guides our educational philosophy. We are proud of our matric results but do not rely on them alone to gauge our success. To ensure the holistic development of each child our curriculum is designed to incorporate community involvement, environmental initiatives, a rich cultural programme and varied sporting activities. Most importantly, all learning experiences are founded on sound ethics and discipline.

Core Competencies of PEPPS


Diversity – PEPPS’ diverse student body ensures that the PEPPS learner has the experience to deal adeptly with the reality of a multi-cultural nation and world.

Leadership – PEPPS learners are well-prepared to take the lead and initiative positive change.

Social responsibility – PEPPS learners are involved in numerous community and environmental initiatives that encourage each learner to contribute towards human solidarity and sustainability.

Holistic Approach – PEPPS offers a broad range of subjects at the highest level – supported by a rich sport and cultural programme.

Values – PEPPS enables responsible citizenship through a focus on sound ethics and discipline.

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